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Your prototype having allowed you to have a broader view on the functional scope, the additional functionalities can be unlocked as and when required, and as to the budgets allocated to the application in the future and the feedbacks collected from your users.

The product backlog elaborated, the objective is then to prioritize the functionalities according to your budget, the primordial needs to put in production and possible "quick wins". Prioritizing your backlog is also an opportunity to decide on the creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that includes a subset of essential features of your future product, but allows you to quickly and efficiently test the product on a set of users to collect feedback.

User feedback is essential for continuous product improvement. It ensures that the features implemented are used and meet the needs of your users. It is in itself an important element for realigning your strategy, prototype elements and your priorities in your backlog.

We use an agile delivery approach for system development and project management focusing on the following aspects:

  • teamwork and high collaboration with our customers
  • responsiveness to changing requirements
  • quick delivery and as soon as possible to the client
  • focus on software production