Digital co-creation

In a digital society, digital co-creation becomes a business norm. It means blending your business expertise and digital technology, and creating new value together with customers and ecosystem partners to shape a different, and sometimes unknown, future.

How do you position your products or services in an emerging Digital Arena? Which companies do you partner? (They may even be from different industries.) How do you embed digital technology into the heart of your business? How do you unleash the creativity of your workforce? These are key questions to ask.

In order to thrive in a new digital society, it is crucial to co-create innovative value with your customers and partners across industries. It is also essential to blend your business expertise with digital technology expertise. We believe a human centric approach is the only way to deliver on the promise of digital. As AI and robotics become more main-stream, human characteristics like creativity and empathy become ever more important.

We want to be our customer’s business partner and provide help enable digital solutions and business models, wrapping them with integration platforms and managed services. Your co-creation journey will be enabled by using an array of methods and tools: Design Thinking, Hackathons, Proof of Concepts, Innovation sessions and laboratories visits.

It's all about people, technology and business - all centred around the customer.

We propose a new approach. It brings together the concepts of Human Centered Design and Design Thinking. This approach helps to develop people and an organization which can continually create new value and innovation. The approach can also be applied to improve relationships with stakeholders, create new business offerings, and identify new ways of using technology.

We have systematized this new approach as Human Centric Experience Design, which is a framework consisting of 4 phases that can be used in many business areas. The global DigitalSphere™ offering includes 4 main steps:

  1. The first step “Inspire” is to think about the disruptive vision for your organization. It is necessary to revisit what value your organization will deliver for your customers. It is also crucial to evaluate what disruptive impacts the forces of digital will give to your industries and your business. How could data-driven intelligence change the rules of the game? How could connectivity disintegrate and reshape your business structure?
  2. The next step “Innovate” is to think about how you want your business model to change. Which adjacent industries could be involved for realizing joint value and customer experience? How could you position your products or services in a Digital Arena? Do you play the role of platform or an ecosystem partner? Which key enabling digital technologies can you leverage?
  3. The third step “Experiment” is to create a prototype in an agile, interactive manner, and refine it with ecosystem partners and customers. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can also be considered in this phase.
  4. The fourth step “Optimize” aims to collect the feedback of everybody to take into consideration for the next iteration

Each phase in this framework is customized for each project and is supported via a combination of Digital experts, methods, tools, technology, and places to deliver a fulfilling experience for those involved.