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“The creativity of Prototyping”

The prototyping activity is an integral part of our methodology and the principle is to reach, as quickly as possible, a reusable visual solution that can be tested by users in order to generate prompt a rapid return.

Conducting prototyping workshops in an agile and dynamic mind will allow you to iterate around your need using a visual discussion tool supporting the process of work and creativity.

The realization of a prototype will help to validate the functional, ergonomic and graphical guidelines. The prototype is certainly the first step to a complete implementation of the application. Its main purpose is to validate the information architecture, usability and design. It can also confirm the technical assumptions.

Thanks to the advice of our teams, this prototype will be the cornerstone of ideal exchange for

  • defining a flexible and extensible functional scope,
  • imagining and scripting new user paths by putting them directly into practice,
  • testing ergonomic proposals,
  • testing your concept with your customers / partners,
  • imagining user scenarios and putting them into practice,
  • selling your concept internally.

Prototyping is the ideal object for you to also imagine new concepts and future functionalities to be taken into account in the overall reflection of your platform, thus avoiding the implementation of technologies meeting only a very short term need.

At the end of the workshops, the prototype will make it possible to develop a list of functionalities to be developed which are the basic elements of the product backlog (list of functionalities to be developed).