Digital Sphere has completed the implementation of a digital servicing tool at Lombard International Assurance,

the largest European provider of wealth planning solutions via unit-linked life insurance. Working together with user experience experts nVision, Digital Sphere implemented a new, purpose built digital servicing platform for Lombard International Assurance, named Connect. The first version of Connect was launched beginning of 2017 and a second and final version with enhanced features will be completed by the summer.

Connect provides online and secure access to client data, and transaction information. In designing the new platform, Lombard International Assurance placed significant emphasis on ensuring a positive user experience, specifying a user-friendly platform that puts all the required information at the fingertips of its partners.

Thanks to a co-creation approach,

where partners were involved in the process from the outset, Lombard International Assurance could ensure a very high level of buy-in. In fact, the new platform has earned such a high level of adoption that it has already led to a reduction in inbound call center enquiries.

The new Connect platform features a clean, easy to navigate interface to a variety of digital services, and secure online access to customer data, including transaction information, all within two clicks. A dashboard with intuitive navigation provides real-time visibility of policy details and latest valuations of customer net assets. As a result, Lombard International Assurance partners and their clients can easily monitor transactions and queries, while staying abreast of investment performance.

To design and develop a successful platform, all stakeholder groups were represented from the beginning. In the first phase, Lombard International Assurance ran a workshop to identify stakeholder needs, bringing together its business and IT departments with sales partners and the user experience team at nVision. These requirements translated into a working prototype which was then tested extensively with a wider group of partners. Multiple subsequent rapid rounds of input and revisions helped shape and refine the platform. This agile approach delivered a great end-result, by ensuring that both internal and external stakeholders were actively engaged from the outset.