Based on the iPad POC (Proof-Of-Concept) project that has been developed by Digital Sphere,

the Bank wanted to implement a full solution and offer to bank customers a modern and well-designed mobile application associated with a brand new website.

The functional scope covers consultation of financial data and information related to one or more portfolios. There will be no transactional operations made via the application (mobile or web).


  • Development of a multi-company tablet application and web site for the Banking Group:
  • Include a “Marketing Content” application dedicated to the Marketing Team and managed in the home page via Drupal CMS (Content Management System);
  • Integrate the solution with the Bank’s EDM (Electronic Documents Management) storing the customers’ documents and the Bank’s eBanking databases (Oracle 11g) storing the customers’ portfolio data;
  • Integrate the solution with the Bank’s user authentication system.


The proposed solution is based on Fujitsu’s ePortal technology. This technology is built on several standards and commonly used web frameworks for the front end part of the solution and on Spring frameworks suite for the server side. The communication between Front End and Back End is based on REST Services and uses JSON format.

For the development of the tablet application, the choice has been made for a hybrid application, i.e. a mix between web application and native application. This type of application is stored on the device and deployed on application stores. Performances are good (better than web application) and the development is not specific for each platform.


PhoneGap has been chosen to create the hybrid application. PhoneGap’s big advantage is that you don’t need specific development for each targeted platform (iOS, Android, etc.).

Drupal CMS (Content Management System) is used to manage the marketing content of the customer application’s marketing panel. Thanks to the modular design of Drupal, features can be easily and quickly added without developing the entire site over again. Reliable and secure, Drupal can manage high-traffic web sites.

The solution includes the following 5 main components:

  • Base: Mobile Application;
  • Web Site: Standard Web Application;
  • Multi-company Management Solution: one database per entity, but with the same schema;
  • Marketing Content Management: Drupal CMS.