Putting CFL’s Travelers, Freight and Group on the ‘Fast Track’.

Using DigitalSphere approach, we worked together with CFL on their internet platform transformation, in order to improve User eXperience (UX), increase employee efficiency and modernize the image of the company.

From the early stages of this project, Fujitsu, Nvision and CFL teamed up to reshape and design the new websites through a co-creation approach using design-thinking principles.

There were three main objectives:

  • Identify and structure content
  • Improve user experience and graphic design
  • Integrate mechanisms to simplify commercial approach for B2B

Not 1 website, but 3

CFL’s platform is divided in 3 parts. The first one is dedicated to travelling, the second one promotes freight activities (goods transport and logistics solutions) and the last is a corporate one focusing on group information, figures and company history. To integrate all of that, we applied our common methodology DigitalSphere™, including several workshops with the three entities and inviting employees from all services. The objective was to sort and prioritize content, define a common graphical mood and identify essential features. Personas, post-its, use cases: after hours and weeks of prolific exchanges, we had enough to feed our brains… and our wireframes.

Digital Sphere - CFL

Back on tracks

All the 3 projects have been handled simultaneously taken into account for each one, the very different needs of users. Using the use cases defined with CFL teams, we defined the essential features for each entity to have a more convenient, more visual and smooth Voyageurs site; a corporate website where people can quickly and intuitively find all CFL related/company related information; a commercial Freight site, which aims to advertise and develop the activity.

Digital Sphere - CFL

First class satisfaction

The project was deployed in production on 23th of September 2019.

Since then, travelers have been enjoying a state-of-the-art website, dramatically improving the user experience and significantly reducing the time to purchase a ticket. The improved B2B freight portal provides CFL with a strong position in the increasingly competitive logistics market.