Belfius leads the field in mobile banking and chose Fujitsu Sign’IT as a secure electronic signature solution to enable customers to open accounts via smartphone.

Belfius wanted to position itself as a leader in mobile banking. It needed to find a secure e-signature solution to enable new customers to safely open bank accounts within five minutes via mobile without the need for paperwork.


Following an RFP, the bank selected the Fujitsu Sign’IT solution, a highly-secure biometric signature that is entered directly on the user’s smartphone without the need for a stylus - the user signs the contract with their finger. It connects with core banking applications to enable new account establishment.


  • Mobile-first strategy leads to excellent customer experience
  • New accounts can be opened within five minutes with no need for paperwork
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Doubles conversion rates
  • Paper waste has declined dramatically
  • Security and regulatory compliance are guaranteed

Transforming mobile finance

Since 2015, Belfius has established its digital strategy, based on a mobile first, omnichannel approach. Innovation has already earned Belfius first place for growth in mobile banking, worldwide, in independent benchmarks. Mobile banking services are proving popular among the bank’s one million-plus mobile customers, who each make an average of 26 connections per month.

Although handwritten signatures are still the most popular technique – and often a legal requirement in the financial industry – printing paper copies of documents just to sign them is a waste of environmental resources, time and money. Belfius issued an RFP and benchmarked numerous solutions according to the following criteria: performance, quality, ease of integration and cost. After careful consideration, Fujitsu was selected to incorporate its Sign’IT solution.

It was clear that mobile was going to be a huge factor in our success, however, signing methods are important whenever a customer opens an account

Benoit Speybrouck,
Head of Digital Projects, Belfius.

Stylus-free, secure e-signing

Fujitsu Sign’IT works by capturing a handwritten signature on an electronic device, along with important identification information, such as how quickly the user moves the pen, pen angle, and how much pressure is applied to each segment of the signature. Together, these parameters form the unique fingerprint of the signatory’s highly-secure biometric signature, which is non-transferrable. Signature data is embedded into the bank account opening form, ensuring that it is authentic, non-reusable, and cannot later be altered.

Capturing the mobile market

Belfius is gaining an average of 1,000 new mobile banking customers a day. By simplifying the account creation process, Fujitsu Sign’IT is also helping the company to gain new customers via the mobile channel, accelerating growth which has now surpassed more than one million mobile users.

“It was a major breakthrough for us as a company – the number of people who entered and actively opened an account doubled,” comments Speybrouck. “At the same time, the need for wasteful paper contracts, often up to six pages long, has reduced. This lowers our operational costs while making the process much faster.”