Can an insurance really reassure? Bâloise does!

The best possible customer service, combined with innovative products and services, makes Baloise Luxembourg the first choice for people who want to feel 'simply safe'

Baloise Luxembourg is a provider of innovative prevention, pension, assistance and insurance solutions to retail customers.

Because the needs of society with regard to security, safety and service are changing in the digital age, in a world full of complexity, Baloise Luxembourg offers the simplicity that is needed.

Therefore, Baloise Luxembourg decided to offer their retail customers:

  • An innovative access to the full view of their current life and non-life contracts portfolio.
  • An easy and reliable access to the relative contractual documents stored online.
  • A subtle way to introduce the variety of insurance products available and to reduce the administrative tasks relative to client data management.
  • A modern solution adapted to new digital communication channels : Website access & mobile device.
  • A platform available at any time & anywhere.
  • More personalized services & advisories.

In this context, Baloise and Digital Sphere collaborated to implement a web Portal that covers the scope of those needs. Available on every kind of devices, you can easily get in touch with one’s personal Agent or declare a claim right after an incident. This is one of the multiple features available through this platform.


The co-creation approach is an ideal way to work hand in hand to build in very short term, a solution that perfectly meets the customer needs.

The technical solution relies on modern technologies such as ePortal v3 based on Angular, HTML 5 and CSS3 for the Front end, and for the back end, on .Net MVC / Entity framework / .Net WCF / Drupal / Elasticsearch / SQL server.