Customers first

Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg is a Luxembourg insurance company positioned among the major players in the market. The company is launching its new strategy under the banner of 'Simply Safe'.

Customer focus is at the core of this new strategy. This is not just about covering and insuring risks; this is about addressing the wider needs of customers in a changing society. As part of its digital transformation plan, Bâloise Luxembourg wishes a digital and innovative portal to offer partners and clients optimal access to their portfolios.

Fujitsu and Nvision accompanied Bâloise Luxembourg in the first phases of this project, including a co-creation session that led to the realization of a prototype.

The scope of the solution integrates:

  • Two portals: B2B (partners) and B2C (clients).
  • A Flexible and scalable architecture allowing extension especially to Local Life and IARD.
  • An architecture allowing multi-device usage, connectivity to information on various business tools, secure access adapted to risks and confidentiality obligations.
  • An implementation of defense and control measures according to "OWASP Application Security Verification Standard" v3.0.1 and level 3 ("Advanced“).

The foreseen benefits are multiple:

  • Innovative portal, available at any time.
  • Improve effectiveness of collaboration between partners and clients of Bâloise.
  • Flexible and scalable architecture.
  • A modern solution adapted to new digital communication channels : website access and mobile device.
  • Check statistics at any time on a dashboard.
  • Available on every kind of device and anywhere.
  • Both business and marketing portals.


Thanks to the original approach, combining co-creation, agility and focused on User-Experience, the solution developed aims to be an intuitive web platform that provides a secured access to client data and transactions information.