To a connected company listening to its customers

Connected company is more than a concept, it is becoming reality. Customers are adopting innovative technologies faster than companies can adapt and business requires access to the best market information regarding customer demand.

In order to be able to follow today's connected customers, companies must become connected companies, listening to customers, and know all about their journey through the different available channels.

A connected company will experience a growing capability to detect dissatisfaction points, to treat them and to offer real improvements. By listening to its customers, focusing on reliable indicators, a connected company will develop a real culture of customer experience which will be built over time.

Connected companies will leverage from big technologies initiatives (Mobility, smart connectivity and networking, and cloud-based as-a-service delivery models) to deal with social networking, changing user experiences, consumerisation, and over-the-top services.

Being able to bring new services and to offer a differentiating experience, more fluidity and customize relationship, will be the result of the attention brought to customers.

After a simple passive listening and noise analysis on the web, it is crucial to start the active phase of collaborative marketing with customers.

An intelligent use of social media cannot be ignored by companies. This would lead to deprive a great reflection in real time, able to contribute to discussions of marketing and to stimulate innovation.

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